MKW Episode 3 Review

If you like taking selfies with dirty cheaters, you might like MKW TV episode 3!

In our last episode, China’s top wrestler and CWE champion THE SLAM frightened the Middle Kingdom Wrestling owner into giving him a “big match” on the show to make up for not booking him in the MKW title tournament. And speaking of, the tournament’s first round ended when Black Mamba defeated Ash thanks to a big assist from his massive bodyguard, Da Li Sam.

Non-Tournament Match: King Michael vs. THE SLAM

I’ve always thought that THE SLAM looks like a Goldberg clone, but he doesn’t wrestle like one. Word is he travelled to South Korea to train as a wrestler in 2004, and later, he opened up a gym (the one inside which this show takes place), founded Chinese Wrestling Entertainment (CWE), and offered to train others for free. That’s awfully nice of him.

King Michael doubles as a football player in Hong Kong, and yes, I mean American, or gridiron, football. They have that in China, believe it or not, and he sure looks the part. THE SLAM wanted a “big” match, and this guy’s big, at least in Chinese sizes. Might be average size in Texas…


I have a lot of gripes with this match. First of all, they don’t do a good job of establishing the size dynamic at play. When the match starts, THE SLAM kicks King Michael’s legs and inflicts pain right away. This crowd hasn’t seen much wrestling before; I would’ve gone to the old standby of having Michael seem like an invincible beast at the beginning. Instead, while he does stand up the THE SLAM’s first clothesline, the second one takes him down. They go back to that well again near the end – it takes three flying forearms to knock the big man down – but it doesn’t really make sense after he’s already gone down from two little clotheslines.

Secondly, there’s no clear face or heel. THE SLAM seems like the heel at first because he gets the advantage. If you want to play it up as Michael being big and strong but too inexperienced, that’s cool, but at least have THE SLAM get heat on him. Instead, Michael gets some heat after a big lariat, but THE SLAM doesn’t do much to make it seem like he’s in trouble. He kind of pulls a Triple H and gets back to fighting without much trouble. He even kicks out of Michael’s choke bomb.

Finally, the finish. THE SLAM does a decent back suplex/slam on the big guy, but Michael kicks out. Then THE SLAM stomps him once in the head and gets the pin. Huh? Did someone get hurt and they had to call an audible? Did Michael forget that THE SLAM’s slam was the finish? Or did they actually plan a stomp to the head as the deciding move? So odd. So anticlimactic.

Winner – THE SLAM

Rating – Bad

At least THE SLAM does execute most of his moves well, especially the springboard stuff. Michael shows some promise, too. They just need to format their matches better.

Round 2, Match 1: Black Mamba w/ Da Li Sam vs. The Selfie King

Selfie King does have a decent look for a wrestler. I hope he takes on another gimmick down the road. At least change the name. And don’t make him a supermodel selfie guy like Tyler Breeze. We don’t need WWE rip-offs. THE SLAM already cuts it close.

This match isn’t very long. Selfie King shows off his strength when Mamba tries and fails to shoulder block him three times. Not long after, Mamba gets the referee to help him tie his shoe so that Da Li Sam can come in and powerbomb Selfie King. The ref is apparently deaf and dumb because he doesn’t hear or feel the impact. Mamba gets the three count and advances to the finals.

Winner – Black Mamba

Rating – OK

…or does he?

Promoter Adrian takes the mic and declares that Mamba has cheated to win both of his matches, so he’s officially disqualified from the tournament. Interesting that Selfie King cheated to win his first-round match and Adrian didn’t do anything about it. I guess you have to cheat twice to raise his ire. Or maybe he was taking a bathroom break when Selfie King hit Ho Ho Lun with his selfie stick in episode 1.

Episode 3 is quite as good as episode 2.  The first match was choppy and didn’t have a lot of heat, and the finish sucked. The second match was too short to be much. The angle at the end is intriguing; we’ll see if Adrian’s power extends to other wrestlers’ matches and if he ends up feuding with Black Mamba somehow. I don’t think he’s going to get into the ring. I’m also curious to see how they go about replacing Black Mamba so late in the tournament.

Next time, we’ll see Dalton Bragg vs. LEN BAI,and hopefully neither of them cheat to win, or we could have a real mess on our hands. There’ll also be another special challenge match between two guys who were eliminated in the first round.

Watch MKW episode 3 here:


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