MKW Season 2 Premiere Review

Chinese wrestling returns to YouTube!

Middle Kingdom Wrestling TV has started it’s second season! As far as I know, all the matches were filmed in Dongguan, China, last fall at Chinese Wrestling Entertainment’s gym. I’m looking forward to seeing the promotion grow, but I know it won’t always make for easy viewing.

The commentary on this show is once again performed by Eddie Strong and Cam Ferguson. I want to critique them, but it’s hard to put into constructive words. Strong’s kind of whiny and sounds like he’s talking to kids. Ferguson has a good heel character; Strong should work on calling him out when he says his typical heel BS. I’m not really sure how announcers can improve except by maybe paying attention to veterans like Jim Ross, Mauro Ranallo, or even non-wrestling guys like Joe Buck. I’m rooting for them, but they’re hard to listen to sometimes.

You can watch the show with Chinese commentary, but I don’t think it’s any better. Just less talkative.


The whole opening has an old school NES theme, which is smart. It’s easier to make this look good on a smaller budget than trying for something like ROH does. There are a lot of clips of upcoming matches to whet the viewers’ appetites. Also a lot of dubstep, which is good or bad depending on your taste.

Welcoming Promo Interrupted

The commentators talk over the whole opening promo, which is annoying. The MKW promoter and his Chinese translator are in the ring, welcoming the fans back, but the Selfie King comes out filming himself with his selfie stick. He’s got a ponytail and a buttoned down shirt now. He says some stuff I can’t hear, Promoter Adrian says no one cares about him, then he books him in a match with Candy Brother (Tang Guo Ge).

tgg v sk

Candy Brother vs. The Selfie King

Selfie King attacks with his selfie stick but then gets thrown over the top rope. A simple, effective opening. But then it kind of rambles on. Candy Brother does so many tilt-a-whirl flying headscissor-type maneuvers, you’d think he just discovered he could do the move and now he can’t stop. He does the Cristo twice, so maybe that’ll be his finisher if he ever wins. He’s relatively good at interacting with the crowd, but he’s so slow in the ring. He does a lot of lucha-inspired moves and wears a mask, so he should really be faster. I’d recommend changing his style to something more his speed. Literally.

Selfie King has a good look with his singlet and muscular frame, and when he does wrestling-based moves like suplexes, he looks at home. But putting a logical match together seems to be an ability that evades both him and Candy Brother. The worst part is when Selfie King gets his man down and then takes an inordinate amount of time to climb to the top rope. Candy Brother lies there, shaking his head a bit, and it seems like a foregone conclusion that he’s going to dodge what’s coming. But Selfie King just hits a frog splash for a two count! Though nowhere near as egregious, it reminded me of that Triple H/Booker T match from WrestleMania where H hit the pedigree and took forever to cover but still won.

Maybe these guys just need to do the Macho Man/DDP thing of scripting every moment of the match out beforehand. They both seem a little lost at times.

Selfie King wins with a standing moonsault, which seems like an odd finisher when he did a top rope frog splash before. I think it’s better for moves to ramp up their perceived impact as a match goes on.

Winner – Selfie King

Rating – OK

After the match, Selfie King takes a picture with Candy Brother’s prone body. That’s a good character moment, at least.

So, has MKW improved since last season? I don’t think this one episode is enough to go by. Selfie King looks physically better, and several of his moves will look good in future highlight reels, but that’s about all I can say right now. (Sorry, Adrian, I’m just being honest!)

On the next episode, we’ll get to see MKW Champion Dalton Bragg team with CWF CWE Champion THE SLAM against Hong Kong veteran Ho Ho Lun and an old catch wrestling Frenchman named Claude Rocha. The gimmick is that Bragg and THE SLAM, both champions of different organizations, are rivals who have to work together. I’m curious to see how much this old Rocha fellow is like Johnny Saint and the other World of Sport guys I like to watch sometimes.


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