MKW Title Match Review: Dalton Bragg vs. Benjamin Brody vs. Will Vendetta

The Middle Kingdom Wrestling Champion defends his title in Michigan!

MKW Title Match: Dalton Bragg (c) vs. Benjamin Brody vs. “Brother” Will Vendetta

This match takes place under the Imperial Wrestling Entertainment banner. I don’t know much about IWE. I know they run out of Michigan, I know they post high-def shows on their YouTube page somewhat regularly, and I know that they never feature any wrestlers I’ve heard of. At least, not until now.

Dalton Bragg is the inaugural Middle Kingdom Wrestling Champion, which you’ll know if you’ve read my previous MKW TV reviews. He’s treated like an international star here. Benjamin Brody is another Bruiser Brody imitator, and he seems to be well-liked by the crowd in the studio. Will Vendetta is the lone heel here, having inserted himself into the match during an angle earlier in the show. He looks a teensy bit like Chuck Taylor.

This isn’t a great match by any stretch, despite what the guy on commentary would have you believe. It’s not even really that cohesive as it goes along. I starts with a story: Vendetta is the odd man out, getting double teamed whenever he tries to get involved. Once Vendetta actually starts getting offense in, it devolves into three guys doing moves to each other without really interacting with the third man. There are a couple creative three-way spots, like Vendetta suplexing Bragg onto Brody and holding him there in an attempt to pin both of them. Brody does the running Yakuza kick maybe too often. There are a couple missteps and miscommunications, as well as points where they just stand there wondering what to do next.

Nothing really builds to the climax, but it comes anyway. Vendetta stays down for a long time after a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, and the ref gets knocked out of the ring when Bragg does a spinning DDT on Brody. Brody somehow recovers faster than Vendetta and has Bragg beat with a lariat, but a large man called Apocalypse comes in and hits Brody with a discus lariat and a powerbomb, and Bragg wakes up and covers him to retain the title.

Winner – Dalton Bragg

Rating – OK

So I can’t really recommend this match. I would’ve liked to see some three-way spots like Brody suplexing both guys at once or some double submission holds. Heck, I would’ve been fine with the typical WWE-style match where they basically take turns having singles matches. Instead, while I liked how it started, once they played the “make the heel look foolish” card, they didn’t seem to have anything else and were just killing time until the run-in.

One last thing I must touch on…the lone commentator on the match. Dude had more hair on his head and face than Brody, and he screamed everything he said. I liked his excitement, though it’s hard to take a guy saying anything on a show of this relative anonymity the pinnacle of wrestling.


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