Team Hong Kong vs. Team Singapore from Review

This 8-man tag match comes from a show in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, put on by, which I believe is a spin-off of Singapore Pro Wrestling.

On Team Hong Kong, we have…

Ho Ho Lun – Middle Kingdom Wrestling performer, founder of Zero-1 Hong Kong, and WWE Cruiserweight Classic competitor.

Jason Lee – Zero-1 and Zero-1 Hong Kong performer, perennial rival of Gao Yuan, and also WWE Cruiserweight Classic competitor.

King Michael – MKW and Hong Kong wrestling performer, gridiron football player, and generally large man.

Bitman – I don’t really know anything about him, but he’s skinny and has braided hair.

They also have their own ring announcer and a dude in a mask called Evil Mask.

On Team Singapore, we have…

The Eurasian Dragon – One-time MKW performer, long-time Singapore Pro Wrestling star.

Aerial Sniper Nick – High flyer. That’s all I know.

Mighty Mighty – Big man to counter King Michael. Tags with Black Arrow as Mighty Arrow

Black Arrow – Has Indian roots, seems to like dancing. Tags with Mighty Mighty.

The tone is set when Team HK attacks before the bell, leaving Nick and Lee to do some moves in the ring. Black Arrow gets involved and they do a little bit of tag team stuff. Jason Lee is briefly isolated until his teammates trip Nick and Lee dropkicks him square in the face. Ouch. Watch his head snap back. The Hong Kong team get heat on Nick, including doing a four-man pose on him ala Kaientai DX back in the day. Eurasian Dragon gets a hot tag and runs wild. Then there’s a really awkward exchange with King Michael; Michael fends off two of Dragon’s shoulder blocks and then just exits back to the apron. Dragon kicks him on his way out, but he just leaves and doesn’t fight back. I think they had a miscommunication about what was supposed to happen next.

Bitman makes a hot tag and runs wild. He does some moves. Then Mighty Mighty makes a hot tag and runs wild. He hits a big stunner. He and Michael face off, as expected, and Michael takes a bump off a clothesline. Bitman kicks out of Mighty’s finisher (spinning slam). Bitman, Ho Ho, and Lee hit Mighty with triple-team strikes. Everyone starts brawling. Arrow and Nick land synchronized dives to the outside, but this leaves Mighty alone with Michael, who quickly hits a chokebomb and gets the pin

Winners – Team Hong Kong

Rating – OK

It feels pretty short for an 8-man match, so it doesn’t seem like anyone really got much time to stand out. Mighty Mighty seems to get the biggest spotlight despite taking the pin. I’ll bet he and Black Arrow make for a pretty good team.

Of the guys I hadn’t seen before, I think Black Arrow and Aerial Sniper Nick show the most promise. Nick needs to work on his nip-ups, but he works well with Jason Lee otherwise. Black Arrow really isn’t in the match much, but I think he has a good look and hits a good dive.

Bitman looks good at executing moves, but his selling needs improvement. He kept a mouth-breathing, zoned-out look on his face for the entire match no matter what was happening to him. He also kicked out of Mighty Mighty’s finisher, so maybe he has some kind of Terminator gimmick I’m unaware of. If he is supposed to be a robot, I think he ought to lay into those European uppercuts a bit more.

Jason Lee and Ho Ho Lun both look solid, as usual. I love Ho Ho’s exaggerated sell of an enzuigiri (which Eurasian Dragon copies later in the match). Lee’s probably the most well-rounded performer out of everyone here. I wish he’d gotten to continue in the Cruiserweight Classic, but oh well.

Eurasian Dragon seems solid, as well, though maybe a step or two below Lee’s level. I think it’s just hard for me to get used to his look and body type. Time will tell.

King Michael is hardly in the match. He takes a few shoulder blocks and gets clotheslined down, then disappears until it’s time for him to get the win. Then there’s that weird bit with Dragon where he just leaves (I think he was considering bumping but knew he had to save it for his interaction with Mighty Mighty, so he didn’t know what to do and just got out of there. Maybe Dragon thought Michael was supposed to bump out of the ring, but when he saw him still there, he went to kick him, and it just looked awkward. Just speculation).

I can’t say anyone should go out of their way to see this match, but I didn’t hate it. I’d like to see them build on it with another one somewhere down the line.


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