CWF: Gao Yuan and Wu Mo vs. Shooting Star and Xue Weigang (November 18, 2016


Far too long. Gao, you’re the best wrestler in China, but not all of your matches need to eclipse an episode of Seinfeld. Maybe they were filling time for some reason I don’t understand because I wasn’t part of the backstage crew, but until I hear otherwise, I must assume that they were trying to produce an epic.

So they go a long time doing chain wrestling, a test of strength, and all that other boring stuff guys do in just about every match. Then Gao and Wu isolate Star for a while. After a stretch, Xue tags in and hits Wu with a chokeslam. I thought it was over there, but I’m wrong. There’s some awkward chaos with everyone in the ring but not totally on the same page. Then Xue and Wu go outside and chop each other until they disappear, never to return.

From there, it’s really just a singles match where Gao hits Star with a bunch of big moves for Star to kick out of, and Star hits a few for Gao to kick out of, too. After a long, long time, Wang Qiushi (Gao’s skinny Diesel at ringside) distracts the ref so Gao can boot Star low and hit him with his modified DVD for the pin.

It was this match that made me realize that pretty much every CWF wrestler has the same style and all their matches are kind of the same. Hope they can work on that in the future.

Winner – Gao Yuan (and Wu Mo, I guess)

Rating – OK

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