CWF: Qin Yi vs. Xue Weigang (December 17, 2016)


This is not as good as Qin Yi’s match with Gao Yuan, but it’s not bad. They try to give it some structure, which I always prefer. Qin bounces off of the larger Xue for a few moves. The he changes his gameplan and goes after Xue’s left leg. This allows him to be in control for a large chunk of time. After taking several moves, Xue fights back and puts Qin in a camel clutch, which is kind of boring. Qin goes back after the leg and takes over again. He hits a Sayama-style moonsault (not doing a full flip, but still rotating), but ends up getting caught with a series of clotheslines and a double-handed chokeslam to continue his losing streak.

Most of the impact moves looked good. The holds, however, did not look very effective. The guy in the hold never really screams or writhes; he mostly sits or lies still and shakes his head. And the guy applying the hold doesn’t do much to make it look like he’s wrenching or applying pressure. This is especially evident in Qin Yi’s early leg lock. He really looks like he’s simply grabbing Xue’s leg and sitting there holding it.

Both guys need some more character, too. Most CWF wrestlers do. At least they seem to be building up this guy called Han Guang to have a creepy aura about him. We’ll see where that goes.

Winner – Xue Weigang

Rating – OK

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