CWF: Gao Yuan vs. Xue Weigang (January 1, 2017)


Gao Yuan demanded that Brad Guo give him a title rematch with Shooting Star, but Guo said he’d already booked him to wrestle Xue Weigang. Gao said he was going to mess up Guo’s plans. Then he and Wang Qiushi attacked Xue with chairs while he was hanging out by the ring, hitting him in the right leg a couple times. Gao had a brief staredown with Qin Yi as he left. Now we jump to the match.

Gao jumps Xue during his entrance, hitting him with a chair. Xue crawls into the ring and convinces the ref to let the match go on, so the bell rings. Gao goes back on the attack. He punches and kicks and generally beats Xue down for a while. Xue gets in a few shots here and there, but Gao always cuts him off. Xue sells his midsection most of the match, but he switches to selling the knee a couple times. Gao doesn’t explicitly target the knee during the match, oddly enough.

After failing to get the pin with a DDT, Gao goes out and gets a chair. The ref takes it away, distracting Gao enough for Xue to chokeslam him for a nearfall. Xue ends up going out for a chair, as well, but Wang comes out and distracts him. After a lot Wang arguing with the ref, Gao hits Xue with the chair and gets disqualified.

Winner – Xue Weigang by DQ

Rating – OK

Gao and Wang continue beating on Xue. Gao Pilmanizes his leg with the chair (though it’s a cheap, plastic-seated IKEA chair that’s already falling apart, so it’s hard to believe any damage is done). Shooting Star runs in to chase the heels off and check on Xue.

It’s not the most exciting match, but I do think Xue comes off looking fairly strong for being able to survive the match without getting pinned despite taking a whipping. His selling needs work, but at least he tried, which is more than I can say for a lot of Chinese wrestlers. Gao, of course, seems like even more of a smarmy jerkface, and Wang is his toady. Hopefully, someday, someone will put Wang through a table or something; that guy needs some kind of comeuppance. Anyway, not a must-see, but I think they accomplished what they wanted.



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