CWF: Qin Yi vs. Shooting Star (January 1, 2017)


The former “King of Man” is still trying to rise above peasant-hood in the CWF. Here, he gets another chance against a champ.

This may be for Star’s CWF Fighting Spirit Championship. Or not. The referee doesn’t display the belt after he takes it from Star.

The opening sequences of this match are much more engaging to me than most feeling-out segments. I don’t want to necessarily say that they’re any more pertinent to the bulk of the match than normal, but they’re definitely a different style than what the CWF matches produce. Since both of these guys are more acrobatic than most wrestlers in China, they let it show. There are cartwheels out of arm wringers and a flip out of a hurricanrana. It’s not anything I haven’t seen before, but I wasn’t expecting it, so it pleases me.

After than, Qin Yi starts working Star’s left arm, and for the period when he focuses on it, I think he does a really good job. He drives his knees into it from multiple angles and uses a reverse Fujiwara armbar and a Cattle Mutilation to try to get Star to tap. Unfortunately, after Star makes a brief comeback, all traces of the arm work disappear.

So Star hits a missile dropkick, but Qin Yi counters an over-the-shoulder move with a tornado DDT. Some strikes and a running frog splash, and then Qin Yi turns a kick out from a sunset flip into a half crab (not beautifully done, but a nice idea). There’s a fireman’s carry into a gourdbuster, and then a lifting flatliner rolled into a headscissor crossface thing that I don’t know the name of…


I need to brush up on my jiu jitsu holds.

Once Star fights out of it, he makes his comeback after avoiding a Vader Bomb leg drop. He hits a spinning brainbuster. Qin Yi lands a springboard forearm, but Star catches his attempted hurricanrana and lands a sit-out powerbomb. German suplex hold gets two, then Qin Yi blocks a Shiranui and gets Star down for a moonsault. He misses but kicks out of Star’s frog splash (which has been used as his finisher before). Star lets him get up before hitting a Busaiku knee kick to get the pin.

Winner – Shooting Star

Rating – Good

Afterwards, as expected, Gao Yuan runs in and attacks Star. While they’re fighting, though, Xia Xingjia (aka Shark) comes in and hits Qin Yi with a double arm DDT.

Maybe I was in a good mood, but I really liked this match. As usual, it’s not perfect and the lack of a real crowd hurts the emotion, but they did stuff I wasn’t expecting, particularly the acrobatics. It was in a different style than the other CWF matches I’m used to, and that’s what CWF needs: different styles.

I will say that it’s kind of odd for the guy who hasn’t won before to put up such a strong fight against the champion, but I doubt their intended Chinese audience would notice that.

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