CWF: Qin Yi vs. Xia Xingjia (January 14, 2017)


“The Shark” attacked Qin Yi after his match last week. Can the once and future “King of Man” get his first win along with some revenge?

Before the match, there’s an interview with Qin Yi about Xia Xingjia attacking him last week. He says he doesn’t know why he attacked him, and he doesn’t care. Tonight, he’ll give Xia an opportunity to see his martial arts skills (or something along those lines). Then Xia is asked about the attack, and he angrily says he did it because he’s stronger than Qin Yi.

Right at the bell, they run at each other. I was hoping they’d start brawling, but they both dodge kicks, Qin Yi slips on a kip up, they grab a knuckle lock, and Qin Yi sends Xi outside with a lucha armdrag. No dive follows, which is smart since it’s just a studio show with no crowd. When Xia gets back in, they do some kung fu strikes and dodges, and Xia throws an elbow and kick series. Qin Yi does a flatliner into a headscissors crossface. Xia crawls to the ropes. Xia takes over with a lariat after a cool dodge.

Xia stomps, kicks, and leg drops Qin Yi. Qin Yi comes back with a somersault off the top, but then he gets caught with a series of inverted headlock backbreakers. Qin Yi comes back with a springboard spinning forearm and hits a handspring into the corner and a sort of reverse Sling Blade. Torture rack neckbreaker, and Qin Yi does this odd thing where he bounces off the ropes and takes a knee to wait for Xia to get up. Xia makes him pay for hesitating with a fisherman’s suplex.

Qin Yi catches Xia with a reverse sunset flip facebuster and then hits a running knee strike, but Xia gets the ropes. Xia gets out of a move and goes for the double arm DDT, but Qin Yi escapes and kicks him in the head. But Xia dodges a top rope splash and pushes Qin Yi into the ref, low blowing him from behind while the ref is distracted. Then he gets the pin with the double arm DDT.

Winner – Xia Xingjia

Rating – Good

Now that’s the stuff. I was afraid that they’d waste time with feeling each other out, which makes no sense in the context of a grudge match, but they actually tried to beat each other from the get-go. Qin Yi’s acrobatics and kung fu against Xia’s fluid strikes and movement turned out to be a nice combination. I’d watch these two go again, easily.

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