CNWWE: Gao Yuan and VooDoo vs. Ricky J. McKenzie (Sam Gradwell) and Zack Gibson (June 19, 2015)

This is from the third ill-fated attempt at getting a promotion called CNWWE going in China. You can read about that here, but for now, let’s just look at this match.

All four performers have recently reached varying degrees of relevance. VooDoo seems to be working more regularly in China, Gao Yuan runs the CWF and just won back the CWF title, Zack Gibson was featured in the ITV World of Sport special, and RJM (as Sam Gradwell) made it to the second round of the WWE UK Title Tournament, working an angle with Pete Dunne (who was also on one of these shows. More later).

This is the first pre-CWF Gao Yuan match I’ve reviewed, and boy, is he skinny. They start off the match being funny. VooDoo and RJM have a posedown, and then VooDoo has trouble making the more muscular man budge. He insists that Gibson come in instead, be he gets shown up by him, too. Impressive power display as Gibson catches a crossbody and turns it into a delayed vertical suplex. VooDoo eventually flees to tag Gao, and Gao gets immediately armdragged into a an arm lock. Soon, Gibson comes in so they can hit some simple double teams on Gao and then VooDoo, leading the heels to regroup and argue with fans on the floor.

After VooDoo tries to get a fan to take his place, RJM drags VooDoo back into the ring. Gao hits RJM from behind during a piledriver attempt, and this allows VooDoo to finally take control (basically by flailing on the guy). Gao tags in and chokes RJM on the ropes. RJM’s facials are good during Gao’s control segment. Very desperate. VooDoo kicks RJM a few times, asks the fans if they want one more, and then applies a chinlock when they say yes. Gao pulls the bottom rope back to make it harder for RJM to get to it. There are so many little things in this match that make it great. RJM almost gets the tag when he backdrops VooDoo, but VooDoo gets a sunset flip and then kicks him in the face.

While VooDoo works on RJM, Gibson and Gao jar at each other, including Gibson shouting a Chinese curse word at him. This becomes a running joke for the rest of the match. RJM gets the hot tag after Gao misses a moonsault. Unfortunately, the crowd doesn’t pop, probably because they don’t realize how important it is. Gibson runs wild and suplexes both heels at the same time. He kicks out after a codebreaker followed by a frog splash. Gao accidentally kicks VooDoo. Gibson lifts Gao into an electric chair for RJM to missile dropkick him. VooDoo tries one last flail, but Gibson no-sells and picks him up for a modified Northern Lights Bomb, with RJM superkicking VooDoo before Gibson drops him for the pin.

Winners – Ricky J. McKenzie and Zack Gibson

Rating – Good

Very fun match with a modest but energetic crowd that was in to almost everything. They nailed the little things and didn’t go overboard with the big things. Basic in the best way possible.

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