SPW: Jason Lee vs. Arsenal Affi (October 27, 2016)

Jason Lee’s return to Singapore after the CWC.

They start somewhat slowly. Lee does a few heelish things early, like stalling on the outside and being a little more ruthless when he has Affi down, but he also does his comedy bit where he takes a meditative pose as a means to confuse Affi and lure him into an attack. Shortly after the halfway mark, they start throwing throwing big things at each other. Lee does an Asai moonsault. Affi catches Lee running with a fisherman’s suplex (probably my favorite spot of the match). This whole stretch is great. But then, after Affi hits a diving headbutt, a masked man pulls the referee out of the ring and attacks Affi. He hits a brainbuster and leaves without revealing his identity. Lee looks confused, but he picks Affi up and hits him with a rising knee strike to get the pin.

Winner – Jason Lee

Rating – Good

Kind of disappointing to have a match that was getting so hot have to end on a screwjob like that, but it’s definitely worth watching and won’t take too much time out of your day.

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