CNWWE: Gao Yuan vs. John Skyler (June 22, 2015)

The Southern Savior in Southern China.

The keen observer may recognize John Skyler from his handful of appearances on NXT or his brief participation in TNA’s “Tag Team Apocalypto” thingy. I’m familiar with him from PWX and (my personal favorite promotion) CWF Mid-Atlantic.

Skyler tells off the crowd, saying that China sucks, America is the best, and he doesn’t want to hear anybody clapping or cheering. Gao tells him that no one can understand him, so STFU.

Typical format here where Skyler gets cocky, Gao gets some shine, Skyler takes over for a long heat segment, Gao fights back, there’s a little back-and-forth, and Gao ultimately gets a quick pin when Skyler slips up. Gao does a big plancha from the top rope to the floor. Skyler catches him with a gutbuster back in the ring and sort of works over his midsection. He really stretches him in a camel clutch, and he tries hard to get the crowd to boo him. The ring announcer continually talks to the crowd, trying to get them to chant. They react do eventually oblige, but not for very long. They basically just give a short burst of cheers when Gao does something good. Gao fights back with La Mistica and a frog splash, but he misses a moonsault. Skyler sets him up for what might be intended as a Shiranui, but Gao shoves him off and school boy’s him for a three count.

Winner – Gao Yuan

Rating – OK

They performed well, but there isn’t really anything interesting to see here. Plus, it ends on a roll-up.


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