CNWWE: Gao Yuan and Kenny Boy vs. Pete Dunne and John Skyler (June 6, 2015)

The question on everyone’s mind: Do they kill Kenny?

Ya’ll surely know Pete Dunne from the WWE U.K. Tournament, right? He’s also wrestled for several independent promotions in the U.K. and the U.S., including PROGRESS, WCPW, Chikara, AIW, etc. Kenny Boy is…somebody. Probably from Hong Kong. He sort of looks like a lower-level MMA fighter.

This is a fun, action-packed tag match! Dunne and Skyler attack before the bell and beat the Chinese guys around outside the ring. Gao tries to fight back in the ring, but he gets cut off. The foreigners beat on him until he tags in Kenny. Kenny runs wild, but there’s a clip here where he’s suddenly getting taken down. Dunne and Skyler bully him around for a good chunk of time. They don’t do a lot of double teams, but they tag in and out frequently. Lots of punches, kicks, and forearms, old school-style. They do a lot of little things right, like when Dunne tries to grab Kenny when he’s coming off the ropes near him.

Kenny reverses a pump handle thing into a Final Cut and kicks off Skyler to tag Gao. Gao hits a Shining Wizard to Dunne and tosses Skyler out. He catches Dunne with La Mistica and a frog splash. Skyler comes back in so the heels can get control briefly before Gao makes another hot tag to Kenny so he can hit both guys with spears and Gao can jump on them from the top to the floor. Kenny then goes for a Final Cut on Skyler, but Skyler bulls him into the corner. There’s a clip, and the heels hits a double chokeslam on Kenny to finish him.

Winners – Pete Dunne & John Skyler

Rating – Good

The crowd seems much more into this one than that singles match I reviewed before. Maybe they prefer tags in Chongqing. Skyler and Dunne have good tag team chemistry for two guys from different countries who probably never worked together before. Gao and Kenny kept up, and Kenny surprised me by being competent (I was expecting a real novice). Three hot tags might be a bit of overkill, and there was some clipping, but I don’t think either issue hurt the match.

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