CNWWE: Gao Yuan and Timm Wylie vs. Ricky J. McKenzie (Sam Gradwell) and Zack Gibson (July 1, 2015)

If someone yells, “Finished!,” it’s not finished.

Cagematch says that Timm Wylie has worked for 5 Star Dominant Wrestling, Discovery Wrestling, and a bunch of other places in the U.K. that I’m not familiar with. He’s the thickest guy in this match, and I’m wondering if this was the night that Gao Yuan decided that he needed to put on more weight. Gao looks a little out of place here, but that could just be because he wrestles in a dress.

Wylie and McKenzie start out pretty even. Wylie hits an early Sliding D, but RJM gets the upper hand long enough to tag Gibson. Wylie hits him with a big ol’ body slam and tags Gao. Gao gets some shine and hits La Mistica. Gibson and RJM turn it around by almost dropping Gao on his head with a double-team powerbomb thing. Gao plays the babyface in peril for a while as Gibson and RJM take turns suplexing him and hitting him with forearms. RJM goads Wylie to come after him, distracting the referee so that Gibson can slam Gao on the floor.

Gao escapes a double team attempt and Gibson accidentally hits RJM, allowing Gao to tag Wylie. Wylie runs through his fellow countrymen. Gibson gets a move in and says it’s over twice before getting countered into a slam (from his knees, though) so Gao can frog splash him, but RJM breaks up the pin. RJM has trouble but manages to get Wylie up for snake eyes. Wylie dumps Gibson outside, though. Gibson drops Gao on the apron when he tries his somersault, and Wylie is distracted enough to get school boy’d. He comes back and goes for a superplex, but Gibson picks him up into an electric chair. RJM dropkicks him off and holds Gao back so Gibson can get the pin.

Winners – Ricky J. McKenzie and Zack Gibson

Rating – OK

Fine overall, but a few flubs on move attempts and the fact that things were fairly slow after the hot tag drop my rating down.

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