CNWWE: Gao Yuan vs. Datin Z (July 5, 2015)

“Big Day Z”?

This video lists him as “Da Tian Er,” but I think that’s because the editor mistook the Z for a numeral two. The HKWF’s YouTube channel lists him as Datin Z several times, so I’m going with that name.

This is a fairly short, fairly competitive match up without a lot of frills. They do the feeling out stuff. DTZ gets some kicks in. Gao gets heat for a while and plays cocky. He gives DTZ a free shot to his face, which is a bit he’ll come back to in the future. DTZ gets his second wind after a spinning lariat. He pulls of a diving rana and reverses a suplex into a small package, but Gao takes over again with big kicks. DTZ escapes a suplex but runs into a fireman’s carry gourdbuster. A moonsault finishes him off.

Winner – Gao Yuan

Rating – OK

Not a lot of crowd reaction despite being two Chinese guys. They hit nearly everything well, and Gao got some character work in. A hotter finishing stretch would’ve probably put this into “Good” territory.

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