CNWWE: Gao Yuan vs. Pete Dunne (June 24, 2015)

Will there ever be water in the well for that moonsault?

This one’s got more clipping in it than the previous matches, but I don’t think it hurts the match enough to leave it out of this series of reviews.

Not bad at all. Dunne bullies Gao around for pretty much the first half, and Gao starts getting longer spurts of offense during the second. Dunne wants to crush Gao’s through with his elbow on the apron. They have a forearm vs. European uppercut battle. Gao kind of wins that with a Shining Wizard. There’s a fast-paced sequence that ends with a German suplex. Gao keeps trying to go the top rope for a moonsault, and Dunne keeps getting to him before he can pull it off. They have a prolonged battle on the apron that ends with Gao getting clotheslined back into the ring. But then Dunne gets kicked off the top rope so Gao can hit the plancha to the floor. Gao rolls him into the ring and goes up top again, but Dunne catches him and they struggle up there. Finally, Gao knocks him down and his persistence pays off when he hits the moonsault for the win.

Winner – Gao Yuan

Rating – Good

I was going to give it an “OK,” but then I noticed the story of going for the moonsault and ultimately getting it, and I really like that. The ring announces pretty much does commentary over the house mic for the whole match, though, so if that annoys you, maybe watch it on low volume.

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