CNWWE: Gao Yuan vs. Zack Gibson (June 29, 2017)

Don’t put Zack Gibson in a front facelock. He’ll jack up your arm.

This isn’t the first time Gao has wrestled Zack, and I’m not just talking about in this hotel. They had a pair of singles matches and one tag match in a mall in 2014. I might review those later, but they are kind of dull due to the lack of a crowd (there are, like, six people watching, and the mall has zero traffic).

This match is a little more lively. Gao’s the hometown (or country) babyface, and he manages to keep up with Gibson in the technical game early on. But Gibson exploits an opening and starts targeting Gao’s arm with a hammerlock body slam and a straight arm lift. He has some fun taunting the crowd and keeps working the arm. When Gao starts fighting back, he doesn’t really sell the arm, but he does use his other arm to deliver chops and stuff. He runs off the apron into a somersault onto Gibson, a bit of a change of pace from his regular plancha.

In the ring, Gao hits a northern lights suplex. He follows a series of strikes with a  Shining Wizard. Gibson reverses a DDT or suplex attempt by slamming Gao’s bad arm. (Some dude gets in the way of the camera as Gibson hits an enzuigiri, and the camera shakes a bunch as the cameraman moves.) Gibson can’t believe he didn’t get the pin and argues with the crowd about it. Gao comes off an Irish whip with La Mistica and climbs up to hit a frog splash for three.

Winner – Gao Yuan

Rating – OK

If Gao would have sold the arm more dramatically, I probably would have bumped this up to “Good.” It’s still well done, but I didn’t find it as compelling as the Pete Dunne match or either of the tag matches.

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