CNWWE: Pete Dunne vs. Datin Z (July 1, 2015)

Bruiserweight Classic.

Hey, look, I found another CNWWE match!

Have you ever seen a match where one guy is obviously good, but the other guy bumps awkwardly and doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing? This is not one of those matches. Pete Dunne is very good, yes, but Datin Z shows tremendous ability in the area of bumping his butt off. Dunn really wallops him throughout this contest. He starts working the arm, then seems to move to the leg, then the back, and pretty soon, I realize that he’s just trying to wreck every bone in the young man’s body. At one point, DTZ grabs the rope to break a hold, and Dunne gets up and stomps on the hand he grabbed with.

DTZ gets a couple shots in in the midst of his beating, but he doesn’t get momentum until he takes a slap across the face from Dunne. This begins the exciting finishing stretch. They have a slap-off, and DTZ grabs a release German suplex and a running lariat for a nearfall. He snaps off a diving rana for two, but Dunne cuts him off and delivers a butterfly suplex for two. DTZ surprises him with a backdrop, but Dunne quickly slips out of a vertical suplex and hits his pump handle move (Bitter End, I think). DTZ kicks out, much to Dunne’s surprise. Dunne goes for something else, but DTZ counters into a brainbuster that looks almost like a regular suplex, and that gets him the pin.

Winner – Datin Z

Rating – Good

I would’ve preferred for that brainbuster to look more like a brainbuster, but I can’t deny the fire of that finishing run. I dare say that this is my favorite of all the CNWWE matches I’ve seen!

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