MKW TV: Hunan Hustle (Season 3, Episode 3) Review

Oh…that’s it?

The lone match in this brief episode is the main event of an outdoor show filmed in Ningxiang, Hunan Province, last November (about a week after the Thailand shows were filmed). It’s evening, but the ring is well-lit, and the crowd is quite large, a welcome turnaround from the last couple of episodes.

MKW Championship: Dalton Bragg (c) vs. “Selfie King” Hong Wan

In its edited form, this match is pretty slow-paced and focused mostly on Bragg telling the crowd (and the hype guy with the microphone) to shut up. Hong Wan loses a chop battle because he’s not wearing a shirt, but he still keeps going for chops. The fight goes outside and Bragg gets whipped into the ring post. Back in the ring, HW hits a nice German suplex, but Bragg blocks a second one with a low kick. HW takes a good bump off of Sole Food. Bragg pulls off a wrap-around DDT. He connects with a spinning roundhouse kick, but HW dodges the second and hits a Samoan drop. After a long set-up, he hits a standing moonsault (connecting with his knees) and gets the pin.

Winner – Hong Wan, new MKW Champion

Rating – OK

Too slow, not very heated, and the finish was anticlimactic for a title change. Bragg was champion for something like two years, and he loses it off two basic moves after mostly dominating? I have a hard time believing that one Samoan drop from a small guy could be enough to keep him down as long as he was. It took Hong Wan way too long to set up that moonsault; how could Bragg not recover in that time?

I would’ve liked to see that Samoan drop be the catalyst for a fiery comeback from Hong Wan. Have him come close to getting the pin a few times before Bragg cuts him off and seems to retake control, only for Hong Wan to catch him with something and hit the frog splash for the win. His frog splash is much more believable as a finisher. I would also have liked to see him try to pump up the crowd more. Bragg did a lot of vilify himself, but Hong Wan didn’t do much more than moves to get himself over.

I’m still going with an OK rating because the work was fine and the period between the German suplex and the finish was mostly good. It just ended way too soon.

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