SPW: Team Hong Kong (Ho Ho Lun and Jason Lee) vs. GST (Greg Glorious and Dave Vindictus) (December 5, 2015)

It’s a slow period in Chinese wrestling right now, so let’s have a look back at some stuff from Singapore.

This was disappointing, but I should recognize that it is an old match and at least two of these guys has improved since it happened.

I liked how the Hong Kongers highlight their experience by tagging in and out to beat on Greg Glorious at the beginning, but the disappointment begins for me when Glorious counters Ho Ho and gains the advantage. All signs seem to point towards the young heel team having to use underhanded tactics to thwart the onslaught of the (comparative) veterans, but instead, it just takes a simple drop toe hold into the corner. And then GST doesn’t even get heat on Ho Ho for very long before he gets somewhat of a hot tag to Lee.

Lee does some stuff, and then the heels get a teensy bit of heat on him so that he can another hot tag. Then everyone does a bunch of moves to each other, switching back and forth without transitioning or selling. Some of the double teams look kind of sloppy. One of the heels kicks out after his head gets sandwiched between superkicks and is up and doing moves seconds later like nothing happened. Eventually, a simple German suplex pins him.

At least the crowd liked it. have to give them credit for that.

Winners – Team Hong Kong

Rating – OK

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