SPW: Jason Lee vs. Ivan “Lokomotiv” Markov (January 27, 2017)

The reincarnation of Bruce Lee tries to stop a train.

Good David and Goliath match with a hot finishing stretch, though I do think the whole thing is hampered a bit by their over reliance on enzuigiris and clotheslines. I still don’t know why Jason Lee wasn’t kept around at WWE after the Cruiserweight Classic. Nothing against Ho Ho Lun, but I think Lee looks more like what WWE wants physically and has a more interesting moveset. Ivan Markov is a big, muscular Russian with an ugly rattail who seems very limited early on, but he actually breaks out some decent stuff in the later goings.

Lee has his way with him at first, using his quickness and craftiness to confound the walking wall that is Markov. He makes a foolish error when he tries to take Markov on directly with forearms, allowing Markov to run over him. There’s some rote big man offense for a while, making me think that Markov is just a big stiff, but when he pulls off a snap half-and-half suplex and jumps up with an enzuigiri of his own, he has my attention. He’s also able to keep up with the very quick Lee during the finishing series. I really liked how Lee hits an almost Pelé-like kick at one point, but when he goes back to it again near the end, Markov catches it and puts him in an ankle lock.

Lee escapes with another enzuigiri and gets s small package for two, but then he eats another clothesline. He kicks out of a final cut, but he can’t come back from a sit out last ride powerbomb. Afterwards, Markov forces the ref to raise his hand and then slaps him upside the head for fun.

Man, I love me some Jason Lee, though. I hope he works with Gao Yuan again sometime.

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