SPW: Bitman vs. “The Arsenal” Affi (March 29, 2014)

Can stomping on a T-shirt count as an international incident?

Bitman is defending his Asia Wrestling Grand Crown Championship. Ho Ho Lun is in Bitman’s corner.

I just saw Bitman wrestle live a week or so ago, so I want to look at some of his old matches and see how he’s evolved. He plays the heel in this match, tricking Affi into a handshake by wearing an SPW T-shirt, then hitting him with a cheap shot and disrespecting the shirt afterwards. He works an aggressive, rest hold-heavy style but also throws in a dangerous move like a reverse powerbomb into the turnbuckles (which kind of looks like he fell down and dropped Affi, but I’m not sure).

Affi doesn’t get a lot of offense in for the first half of the match, but after Ho Ho Lun grabs his leg and then holds him for a tope from Bitman, the referee kicks ejects Ho Ho from ringside. It takes security some time to get him out of there, allowing Affi to recover enough to mount a comeback a short time later. He hits some moves and gets into a slap-to-the-face fight, and he seems to really be on a roll after a busaiku knee and an ugly meteora off the top. Bitman fires back and runs into Affi’s finisher, the gunner (Bossman slam), but he kicks out. Bitman escapes a slam attempt to hit a pair of European uppercuts and a deadlift German suplex for the pinfall victory (which comes across as anticlimactic due to the lateness of the bell and the fact that the crowd isn’t sure if it’s over or not).

Winner – Bitman

Rating – OK

Solid stuff, a step or two below what I expect from guys like Jason Lee these days. But this did take place three years ago, so we’ll see how things have improved in future reviews.

After the match, both guys show respect, but the Bitman clocks Affi with the title belt. Trexxus comes out and runs him off, but then he, too, attacks Affi with a neckbreaker and tells the fans to kiss his boots. That’s a wacky ending I’m probably not going to follow up on for a little while.

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