SPW: Texxus vs. Jason Lee (April 28, 2017)

Speed and muscles.

Trexxus is defending the Southeast Asian Championship.

There are probably times when I wouldn’t be in the mood for this sort of match, but today wasn’t one of them. I enjoyed this. It was almost Dragon Gate-esque at the speed they were keeping for most of it. Not a lot of selling, but there was a sense of “anything you can do, I can do better” going on at times. Lots of big moves. No real heel, though they bring up how Trexxus used to be a bad dude but has had a change of heart. Just two guys trading things back and forth for over ten minutes.

Then there’s a ref bump, and Trexxus seems distraught. This allows Lee to hit his knee lift finisher for a visual pin. But once the ref is revived, Trexxus hits a running spinning powerbomb to retain his title. Would’ve been better without the ref bump, but I guess Lee needs to be protected for something?

Winner – Trexxus

Rating – Good

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