MKW: King of Man vs. Mad Tiger (December 16, 2017)

New MKW video has surfaced, and quite quickly after it was filmed, too!

This is my first time seeing Mad Tiger (unless he’s worked under a different gimmick). I like his gloves and his tiger-like mannerisms before the bell. He also gives his cape to a kid and takes a photo with him. King of Man comes out in a WLW T-shirt.

King of Man shows his cruel side in this match. Mad Tiger shows him up a bit in their first exchange, and I guess he takes it personally. He sneak-attacks Tiger and tries to remove his mask. Something seems to be (legitimately) wrong with Tiger after a flip kick to the back of his head. He deadweights KoM when he tries to pick him up and stays nearly limp on his knees. The ref checks on him while KoM taunts the crowd, and he eventually gets to his feet.

KoM goes right back at him rather mercilessly, but Tiger survives and eventually catches KoM and slams him. He seems to have his wits back as he grounds, pounds, and slams his enemy. KoM comes back with a dive, but his high-flying hubris bites him when he misses a flipping leg drop off the second rope. Tiger hits him with a falcon arrow and gets the close three count.

This was a decent opener. I’m guessing the stuff in the middle where Tiger was lethargic was due to a shoot injury, and if so, I can’t really criticize them for the awkwardness of it all. If it was a work, however, then it was a really weird sell job.

I personally would’ve like the match better if it had been a couple minutes shorter and had a quicker pace. I like opening matches that are exciting and succinct. King of Man did show some sweet agility before the weird stuff, so maybe that was their plan before Tiger got hurt.

I also think Tiger should have varied his offense. He went back to the scoop slam later in the match when it seemed like it was time to do something more elaborate. Also, the finish would’ve looked better if Tiger had went immediately to the falcon arrow after KoM missed the leg drop instead of hitting him with a clumsy club to the back first. Meanwhile, if King of Man kicking out right after the three count isn’t part of a build to a rematch, then it just looks unprofessional.

That was the match. Now I want to comment on the look of the venue and the ring.

I like the video screen behind the right. I like how the ring is lit well while the crowd is fairly dark. I like the strobe and spotlights. I don’t like how the door in the back is open and sunlight is coming in; it messes with the rest of the lighting. I also wish that the red carpet coming in from the back door was actually coming from the curtain where the wrestlers enter. And I wish the ring ropes were tighter and the ring apron actually wrapped all the way around the ring. All in all, it looks like a bigger deal than the CWE gym did, and the camera situation is better than the stuff from Thailand was.

Last but not least, let me throw in that Al Leung is sounding much more natural as a commentator. His voice has grown on me, and his excitement sounds more genuine this time around.

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