MKW: Shen Fei vs. Uncle Money (December 16, 2017)

Uncle Money is a member of The Stable with Big Sam, Ash Silva, and Chairman Al, and this is his first match in China. The Stable was formed with this promo video not long before this event. Basically, they’re three wrestlers and a manager who blame MKW owner Adrian Gomez for picking favorites. More on that when the main event gets uploaded. Shen Fei doesn’t look familiar to me. He sure takes his time getting into the ring.

Usually, I like to recap a match in the present tense before switching to the past tense to give my reactions. So here’s my recap of this one: Uncle Money does some moves and gloats. Then Shen Fei does some moves and gloats. Then they switched once or twice more. Shen Fei does a Pelé kick and a flying forearm in tribute to AJ Styles. He misses a phoenix splash, and Uncle Money spears him and get the pin.

I watched this match at least twice, and I’m still having trouble recalling much about it. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t very interesting, either. Neither guy’s character stood out. Despite their size difference, it wasn’t worked as “big man vs. small man.” Both guys had equal amounts of offense. There was no heat. Uncle Money – the “hitman” of The Stable –  didn’t look particularly dangerous or dominant. Without commentary or prior knowledge, I wouldn’t have even been able to tell if he was the heel. He didn’t do anything particularly dastardly, and Shen Fei taunted just as much as he did.

Shen Fei looks like he could be a solid high flyer, but I’d like to see him work from underneath and sell more. He obviously wants to be like AJ Styles; well, AJ is a great seller and storyteller in the ring. Shen Fei will have to copy more than his moves if he wants to be like him. Also,

I know MKW has a small roster, and all the guys want to look good, but if everyone looks good, then no one looks good. If Uncle Money’s going to be a hitman, I’d like to see him wrestle like he’s someone to fear. It’s not a very successful hitman character who can be kept to a stalemate for most of a match.

Long story short: These guys can do moves, but they need to tell a story if they want me to care. I think they can do that if they want to.

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