MWA: Ho Ho Lun vs. Astro

The Macau Wrestling Association is relatively new and features talent from China, Mexico, and some foreigners who used to work for ZERO-1 in Japan. I think they hold their matches in a hotel or casino.

This is a solid match that showcases both guys’ strengths in a basic format. Ho Ho Lun does a little bit of stalling after their first exchange, using it to take control. He never really comes across as a jerk or chicken-y heel, but he does fight from the top for most of the match. Astro (AKA Astro Rey Jr.) makes a comeback and does some Rey Mysterio tributes. Ho Ho Lun eventually wins with a German suplex. The referee stutters before the three, so apparently he didn’t realize this was supposed to be the finish.

Pretty basic stuff, good for an audience that isn’t well-versed in wrestling.

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