MKW: Wade Massen vs. Hong Ying (December 16, 2017)

Our Story So Far…
– This is my first time seeing both guys.
– Wade Masson is Chinese but doesn’t have a Chinese-sounding name. His manager, VR Nikk, is white but speaks pretty fluent Chinese. Nikk is a computer nerd who has created a virtual reality wrestling training system, and Wade has been trained through it.
– Hong Ying is a regular happy babyface under a Rey Misterio mask.
Now on to the match!

Actually, before the match, VR Nikk explains his VR wrestling technology. Wade snatches the headset from him, puts it on, and proceeds to have a short match with an invisible man. He wins, and Nikk declares him the VR Champion.
Okay, NOW on to the match!

I didn’t really like this one on the first viewing, but I warmed up to it a bit the second time through. I still think it’s a bit too long and stumbles at a couple of points, but both guys seem competent for most of it. I like a lot of their moves.

I like the characters of Nikk and Wade. Nikk is a computer nerd who spouts a lot of information but isn’t super-confident when he speaks. Wade doesn’t seem to like him all that much. He seems to tolerate him, probably because he’s using him for his training technology, but he obviously looks down on him as a person.

A couple bits stood out to me in a negative way. At one point, Hong hits a nice spinning elbow from the second rope, but then he sells it more than Wade does. Maybe he was legitimately hurt for a second? It wasn’t that big of a move. Also, after VR Nikk distracts Hong on the floor and Hong snaps his suspenders, the camera decides to stay on Nikk and miss a move in ther ing that leads to a nearfall. Unless the move sucked and we’re better off not seeing it, I don’t  like that editing.

The finish is odd to me. The match looks for all the world to be over after Hong misses a top rope move and Wade wallops him with a lariat, but Hong kicks out. Wade hits Hong with some forearms, but then Hong counters a backdrop into a bulldog, and Wade kicks out but stays down. Hong shoves his face a couple times, looks at him, and slowly ascends the turnbuckle. He hits a frog splash and gets the pin. That’s it. It doesn’t really build up from anything, it just sort of happens. Why does Wade kick out so emphatically after the bulldog but can’t muster the energy to avoid the splash, especially given how long it takes Hong to hit it? Something seems off.

Hong Ying doesn’t have a lot to his character, so I was surprised to see him win. But there could be a story here involving Wade’s VR training not being very effective. We’ll have to see where it goes. I do hope to see the VR guys again.

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