MKW: Zombie Dragon vs. Black Mamba (March 17, 2018)

Time for a new format.

Our Story So Far…
– Black Mamba hasn’t been seen since the MKW Thailand show. According to commentary, he and Big Sam have gone their separate ways, so he has no connection to The Stable. Normally a heel, he’s wrestling in his hometown of Harbin today.
– According to commentary, Zombie Dragon used to wrestle in the U.S. as Curry Kid until he was “sacrificed” and resurrected as this new persona.
– This match is part of MKW’s “Wrestle Rescue: Year of the Dog” benefit show in its home base of Harbin, China.
Now on to the match!

I did not like this match. Zombie Dragon’s got the look, the music, and the weird, reptilian way of slithering around the ring. But when the bell rings, he runs right into a boot, then takes a headscissors and a dropkick. Right out of the gate, he looks like a putz. He sort of no-sells the dropkick and hits Mamba with a nice leaping side kick, but his aura is already shattered in my eyes.

From there, he proceeds with some pretty slow and boring offense. Then Mamba just fights back after taking a leg drop on the apron. Oddly, his offense is more interesting than Dragon’s, but he really shouldn’t be the one getting his stuff in when he’s up against a debuting character of this sort.

Dragon crawls under the ring and tries to attack Mamba with a hammer, but the ref takes it away. While he’s busy disposing of it, Dragon spits green mist (and totally misses, but Mamba still sells it) and hits a shining wizard for the pin.

Commentator Al Leung says it was an impressive debut performance from Dragon. I strongly disagree.

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