MKW: Hong Wan vs. Cam Ferguson (March 17, 2018)

Our Story So Far…
“Selfie King” Hong Wan recently lost the MKW Championship to Big Sam in Shenzhen, then lost a rematch at a big MMA show.
Cam Ferguson used to be the color commentator for MKW TV. This is his in-ring debut.

Cam cuts a pre-match promo. He insults the crowd and declares himself the “director of studies” of MKW. He also says that he’s the first graduate of the Middle Kingdom Wrestling school (even though we learned last time that Michael Su finished before him). He issues an open challenge, and Hong Wan answers. Hong Wan says that he respects Cam, but Cam needs to respect the people. Cam slaps Hong Wan, and it’s on. Pretty good segment here. Cam has a way with the microphone.
Now on to the match!

Now here’s a match that tells its story and doesn’t overstay its welcome. Cam gets the upper hand through crafty-yet-legal means and methodically works over Hong Wan. Hong fights back but gets caught with a big slam, and then Cam gets cocky and jaws with the fans. This of course allows Hong Wan to take over. Cam does get control again later, but he can’t put the former champ away, even after killing him with a lariat. After a confusing bit where the ref counts three but doesn’t actually call for the bell, Hong Wan gets the pin with his standing moonsault.

Cam impressed me. He knows how to talk with confidence and string sentences together in a more natural and impactful way than a lot of other guys around here. He looks comfortable in the ring. He knows how to milk holds and fill the gaps between moves; he doesn’t rush through things. He seems to me like he knows how to tell a story and not just copy the flashy stuff he’s seen on TV. He’s not Arn Anderson quite yet, but he’s certainly a breath of fresh air.

Hong Wan looked fine. There are still moments where he seems to me like he doesn’t quite know his way around the ring or where he wastes time trying to figure out what to do. But his moonsault looks better than ever.

The botched three count hurt things a little for me, but not as much as stuff like that usually does. I actually would have believed it as the finish if they would’ve gone with it, and maybe they were supposed to. I don’t know whose fault it was, but it’s not a big deal.

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