KOPW: Sam Gradwell vs. Chen Wenbin (King of Man) (March 17, 2018)

If you have access to China’s QQ video service, you can watch the whole show here.

Our Story So Far…
– Sam Gradwell has wrestled for CNWWE in China as Ricky J. McKenzie,  but he’s probably most well-known for getting attacked by Pete Dunne after the first round of WWE’s UK Championship Tournament.
– Chen Wenbin is also known as King of Man. He started training in CWE but jumped ship to the CWF and has appeared in MKW and WLW.
Now on to the match!

Sam Gradwell was a victim of Pete Dunne in the WWE UK tournament, but he’s definitely the victimizer against Chen Wenbin here. He waylays Chen as he steps into the ring and chucks him into the corner, then taunts the crowd and sneers at the referee’s admonition. A couple fans seem to really be getting their dander up at him. He keeps on Chen, knocking him out of the ring, dropping him on the apron, and tossing him into the crowd, then getting into the ring and waiting for him with a sadistic smile.

After absorbing some throws and slams, as well as several uppercuts, Chen is able to flip out of a backdrop and fire off some spinning kung fu strikes. He’s busted open from either the mouth or nose, but he has the fire to (barely) hit a tope con hilo. Back in the ring, he lands a rolling kick in the corner, a low dropkick, and a tilt-a-whirl DDT that gets him close to victory. But he gets caught throwing kicks to the chest, and Gradwell hits him with a reverse TKO and a sit out last ride powerbomb to finish him off.

I liked the intensity of this match. Gradwell makes for a good monster heel when he’s able to be the bigger man, and I think Chen looked better than ever as a major underdog fighting back from behind the 8 ball. Gradwell’s interactions with the crowd were money. It was great to see Chinese fans getting into the action.

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