KOPW: Buffa vs. Shen Fei (March 17, 2018)

If you have access to China’s QQ video service, you can watch the whole show here.

Our Story So Far…
– Buffa was once known as K-Pusha in a team called All Money Is Legal on the US indies. Later, he worked for ZERO1 and other Japanese indies, and has recently appeared on Macau Wrestling Association and New Taiwan Wrestling shows. When he works in the US, he goes by Cooley-K.
– Shen Fei appeared on the MKW Shenzhen show in a losing effort against Uncle Money. He’s inspired by AJ Styles.
Now on to the match!

This is easily the most cordial of the matches on this show thus far. Neither man displays any heelish tendencies in the early going. In fact, Buffa is rather respectful of Shen Fei’s insistence that he take off his chains, hat, and other accessories before they begin (he can’t take off the bits in his beard, though).

They both show good fundamentals to start. Things pick up when Shen Fei whips out a quick rana, but he misses a slingshot plancha and gets a tope from Buffa. Buffa has a little bit of fun as he does what I assume are some of his signature moves. When Shen Fei fights back, he does start to show an aggressive side with some sinister-looking facial expressions during a strike exchange. He barely lands a moonsault to the floor and gets some extended offense. He does his best AJ Styles with a Pelé kick, and he’s pretty fired up about it. Then he does the most heelish thing in the match when he mocks Buffa’s dancing. Buffa tries to make him pay, but Shen Fei shuts him down and lands some flippy stuff and a springboard forearm that isn’t quite on Styles’ level, but it’s still admirable.

Buffa gets a second wind and runs wild, crumpling Shen Fei with a full nelson slam after making him boogie a little. Shen Fei catches him with a German suplex, but he can’t hit the phoenix splash. Buffa goes up and catches him with a flying facebuster to get the pin. He’s the final entrant into the main event title match.

Very nice showing by both guys. I thought Shen Fei looked better here than he did at the MKW show. Buffa seems like a solid hand to keep around; China needs a boombox-carrying dancer in its wrestling universe.

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