KOPW: The Slam vs. Han Guang (March 17, 2018)

If you have access to China’s QQ video service, you can watch the whole show here.

Our Story So Far…
– The Slam is China’s first pro wrestler, the founder of CWE, and the trainer of many other Chinese wrestlers, including Ho Ho Lun and Gao Yuan.
– Han Guang was in CWF teaser videos, but I never saw him wrestle there. He did work as part of the Flat Earth Foundation for MKW in Shenzhen, though, under the name Coldray.

According to the commentators on the QQ version, The Slam has to retire if he loses this match.

Han Guang cuts a very stuck-up promo. He refers to The Slam as a middle-aged wrestler and makes it known that he will retire if he loses this match, so he made a sign that read something like, “Congratulations, Slam, on your honorable retirement.” He makes fun of The Slam for being from Guangdong, just like the rest of the crowd. The crowd chants “Shut up” in Cantonese. When Han Guang asks if they think The Slam will prevail, they chant, “Yes!” Then The Slam comes out.
Not a bad job on the mic from Han Guang, I must say. He seems to carry himself well for his character.
Now on to the match!

For the first few minutes, all Han Guang gets in is an eye rake. The Slam beats on him, drops him, and spears him. He takes him to the floor and does a springboard forearm off the apron. Han Guang fights back, though, and DDTs Slam on the floor. In the ring, he stays on him and attacks his left leg. Slam punches his way free of a side leg lock and lands a spin kick. He gets Han up for a slam, but his leg gives him too much trouble. Han hits a codebreaker, but Slam kicks out. He hits a sort of delayed codebreaker, and the referee counts three on the pin, but Slam’s hand is clearly on the rope. After getting his bearings back, Slam argues with the ref while Han celebrates. KOPW promoter Ryan Chen talks to the ref and announces that the match will continue. Then he high fives Ho Ho Lun.

Slam hits Han with a punch or kick or something (cameraman misses it) and tears up his sign. Han tries to fight back but gets a clothesline. We finally get the match graphic here for some reason. Slam does his unstoppable lightning suplex move and gets the pin, saving his career.

I wasn’t into this at first, but it grew on me. I was surprised to see The Slam selling his leg as well as he did. He doesn’t usually seem like much of a seller. Of course, after the restart, he seemed to have forgotten about it, but I’ll take what I can get. I’m not always a big fan of the guy – I think he often cares more about getting his stuff in than making his opponent look good – but he is the father of Chinese wrestling, so he’s got my respect.

Han Guang was a decent foil, I think, and I liked the personality he showed in his promo. His offensive style was moderately interesting, though I feel like he might be better suited as half of a tag team, maybe with a bigger guy he can talk for. Either way, I’m interested in seeing what both guys do next. Hopefully, they both can appear for KOPW again and not have to be stuck in the old CWE gym looking like backyarders.

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