OWE: Eita and T-Hawk vs. Bandido and Flamita (February 2, 2018)

If you have access to China’s QQ streaming site, you can watch most of the show here. The wrestling begins around 44 minutes in.
UPDATE: A version of this show is now viewable on Twitch. This match starts about 14 minutes in.

Our Story So Far…
– Eita and T-Hawk are from Dragon Gate. They’re former Open the Twin Gate and Open the Triangle Gate Champions  (once with Flamita, interestingly). They’re Japanese, and Chinese people tend to dislike Japanese people even today due to Japan’s atrocities during the Sino-Japanese War and World War II. So it shouldn’t be hard for them to be heels.
– Flamita and Bandido are from Mexico and have held tag titles there. They’ve also both worked for Dragon Gate, and Flamita is a former Open the Brave Gate Champion. You may also recognize him as Night Claw on Lucha Underground or the second Octagon Jr. in AAA.
– Before the match, Eita and T-Hawk say (in Japanese but translated by the ring announcer) that the wrestlers in OWE are too short, skinny, and small, and that they’re nothing but dreamers. Flamita says (in Spanish but translated) that they know kung fu. I think he actually said more, but that’s all the announcer translated.
Now on to the match!

This match has a really strange ending, but until then, it’s a solid, high-flying affair. The luchadores get jumped while the ring announcer is talking. Eita and T-Hawk beat on them outside the ring. Eita works with Bandido a bit in the ring, and the latter shows some really nice agility. The Mexicans do stereo tope con hilos onto the DG boys. Eita and T-Hawk outsmart their opponents back in the ring and take over on Flamita. No one holds the advantage for all that long though, and Flamita and Bandido are back to flipping and kicking shortly. They hit Eita with a string of double team combos. T-Hawk makes the save after a Flamita 450, then suplexes both guys at the same time. A splash mountain powerbomb gets two. Flamita escapes a Gory special and hits the Flam Fly, but T-Hawk saves again.

Now the wacky part. Suddenly, music plays and lights flash, and out comes founding member of Dragon Gate Masaaki Mochizuki, flanked by YAMATO and Susumu Yokosuke of Dragon Gate, as well as US indy wrestlers Zachary Wentz, Dezmond Xavier, Jack Manley, and Remy Marcel. He beats up Eita and T-Hawk, and the ring announcer gladly introduces him. But Mochizuki runs down OWE and China, saying that real wrestling is in Japan and he refuses to fight here. The ring announcer asks him in English, “Are you afraid?” Mochi steps up to him, but out come the Chinese OWE wrestlers in color-coded outfits.

Mochizuki tell their leader, A-Ben, that he could beat all of them by himself. A-Ben crudely tells him to clean his mouth out, then implies that he’s an old man. He says that talk doesn’t prove things, strength does. Mochizuki says fine, he’ll fight him later, and if A-Ben wins, Mochizuki will return to Japan on his knees.

Mochizuki heads to the ramp with his posse (including Flamita and Bandido, so I guess they’re suddenly heels now?). They all stop to give a big thumbs down to the guys in the ring. A-Ben then turns to his OWE compatriots and says they’re going to compete against each other first. More on that next time.

So, yeah, that was a heck of a thing. Kind of a bummer that the match itself didn’t have a finish, but it was entertaining while it lasted. I want to watch more Flamita.

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