OWE: Chen Xiangke and Zhao Yilong vs. Whirlwind Gentlemen (February 2, 2018)

If you have access to China’s QQ streaming site, you can watch most of the show here. This match comes around the 02:10:00 mark.
A version of the show is also available on Twitch. This match starts around the 50 minute mark.

Our Story So Far…
– Masaaki Mochizuki disrespected China and OWE after the first match of the show, bringing out OWE captain A-Ben to challenge him.
– Jack Manley and Remy Marcel came out earlier with Mochizuki. They normally wrestle for West Coast promotions like Future Stars of Wrestling and Paragon Pro, where they wear purple tights and look like party guys. Here, they’re dressed like hitmen (or the Blues Brothers) and come out to that one tune I associate with Quentin Tarantino films.
“Little Vajra” Zhao Yilong is not only bald, but his scalp is painted gold. He wears Buddhist monk garb and does a headstand so that “Lightning Leopard” Chen Xiangke can jump over him on the ramp. Chen, of course, wears a leopard print hooded shirt and leather-looking tights.
Now on to the match!

Oh, gosh, the commentators get in on the “You suck” chants to the Whirlwind Gentlemen, and then they translate the meaning into Chinese for the viewing audience. One translates it as “你们真垃圾,” or “You are real trash.” The other says “你们泻,” or “You have diarrhea.” Ew.

Okay, anyway, Chen starts with Remy and eventually sends him scurrying to the corner. Then Manley calls out Zhao, who comes in and shows off the power of his golden head, as well as some acrobatics. There’s some comedy involving both Gentlemen hurting their hands on his head and getting knocked into praying monk sitting positions, and then some teamwork leads to them outside taking a space flying tiger drop from Zhao (who just about lands on his feet). Zhao is caught getting back into the ring, and the Gentlemen work him over for a bit. When he makes the hot tag, Chen comes in with some flying offense, taking on both guys mostly by himself. Marcel distracts the referee so Manley can low blow both Chen. He catches Zhao with a lariat and powerbombs him, and then he powerbombs Chen to Hades, but pulls him back up. The Gentlemen hit Chen with a doomsday device, but again, they pick him up from the pinfall at 2. Manley gets him up for another powerbomb, but A-Ben runs in for the save, causing a DQ.

Masaaki Mochizuki comes in and goes chest-to-chest with A-Ben. He says A-Ben has no muscle, and he’s so confident in victory that he promises to leave OWE if he loses to A-Ben tonight. He plants a kiss on A-Ben’s cheek, and Marcel says, “That’s the kiss of death!”

I thought that this was a very nice match. Everyone looked good and had a chance to show some skill. Zhao was especially impressive with his hard head gimmick. Chen also looked capable in the ring, but his character wasn’t as pronounced as Zhao’s. And props to the Whirlwind Gentlemen for being able to wrestle so well in those suits. They don’t look very comfortable for athletic activities.

The DQ finish didn’t bother me because it plays into the next match. I understand that on one hand, they probably didn’t want the OWE side to suffer two losses in a row to the outsiders, but on the other hand, it’s not realistic (at least in Japanese booking logic) for such novice wrestlers to beat an experienced team in their first outing.

The only thing I would really change is Zhao’s choice of using the space flying tiger drop. While impressive, that spot was already used in two previous matches, so it’s kind of lost its novelty already.

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