OWE: CIMA, Gao Jingjia, and Wulijimuren vs. Dezmond Xavier, Shingo Takagi, and Zachary Wentz (February 2, 2018)

If you have access to China’s QQ streaming site, you can watch this match here (it’s not included on the full-show video). It comes around the 01:07:00 mark.
A version of the show is also available on Twitch. This match starts around the 1 hour and 9 minute mark.

Our Story So Far…
– CIMA is the founder of Dragon Gate and one of the first graduates of the Toryumon dojo. He’s also the president and head trainer of OWE. After A-Ben fell to Masaaki Mochizuki in the previous match, CIMA apologized to Mr. Fu, the owner of OWE, and asked for one more chance.
– “Flowing King” Gao Jingjia wears leathery tights and gloves, and he sports a nice entrance vest.
“Big Head” Wulijimuren wears what looks to be a Mongolian-style outfit, so I’m guessing that’s his heritage. His name is also not in the common Chinese format.
– Shingo Takagi is a long-time Dragon Gate star, being the first graduate of their dojo after Ultimo Dragon left. He’s one of the more powerful wrestlers ever in that company, and he’s held almost all the titles. He’s also a former tag champ in Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling NOAH.
– Desmond Xavier is the 2017 Impact Wrestling Super X Cup Champion, and he has held the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and Combat Zone Wrestling Tag Team Championships with Zachary Wentz.
Now on to the match!

This one is just too chaotic to run down everything that happens. It’s also clipped somewhat. Suffice it to say, there are a lot of flips and flying moves, no submission attempts, and everything shown looks good to me. It’s not as fast-paced or as slick as a top-flight Dragon Gate trios match, but it’s definitely the most balls-to-the-wall match on this card from my point of view. Wentz and Xavier do some double-team stuff. Wulijimuren does some big guy stuff. Gao Jingjia gets some major air, leaping over the top rope from the apron to do a double stomp. CIMA and Shingo work together well, obviously, having wrestled so many times in DG. Gao gets the pin in the end with a 630 on Wentz, giving the OWE squad their first victory over the invaders. Confetti galore!

After the match, Masaaki Mochizuki comes back and tells CIMA that he surrenders and will return to OWE. Everyone is extremely happy about this, and the OWE wrestlers throw CIMA in the air like he just scored the winning touchdown in the big football game. Then everyone stands and looks up at the OWE Championship belt as it’s epically lowered from the rafters to cinematic music.

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