MKW: Hong Wan vs. Black Mamba (April 29, 2018)

Our Story So Far…
– Hong Wan is headed to Japan soon to face Big Sam for the MKW Championship at Pro Wrestling Alive. He’s coming off a win over Cam Ferguson.
– Black Mamba is more experienced than Hong Wan, but he only recently returned to MKW in a loss to Zombie Dragon.

Finally, a Chinese guy against a Chinese guy, and it’s good! I mean, I think so, anyway. It’s definitely my favorite Black Mamba performance. He has a rather nondescript look and an unexpressive face, but he’s becoming a solid hand in the ring. I’d like to see him up his submission game; maybe attack a specific body part more often and base his offense around a certain type of submission. He goes for a couple armbar-type holds here, and it leads to Hong Wan doing the Rampage Jackson slam to get out of one. The only real drawback I see in Mamba’s work is that some of it can be a little slow in execution.

Hong Wan gets to be the powerful one this time, and he makes the most of it with a lot of German suplexes. Mamba’s success happens after they go to the floor (both times). Though he’s not a brawler, he seems more vicious when he has to be.

I liked what they were going for with the ending. They trade suplexes, no-selling a couple to keep the chain going. The part I didn’t like was that Mamba just did the same suplex twice. I would’ve liked to see some variety there. But it’s a minor quibble, because they were obviously going hard. Mamba seems to have the advantage after the last suplex, but Hong Wan catches him with a Samoan drop and the standing moonsault for the win.

Afterwards, Hong Wan puts Mamba over, saying he was his toughest opponent and that he’ll give him a rematch anytime. He raises Mamba’s arm in respect as the crowd applauds.

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