MKW: Zombie Dragon vs. Cam Ferguson (April 29, 2018)

Our Story So Far…
Zombie Dragon is creepy and mysterious. He’s coming off a green mist-assisted win over Black Mamba.
– Cam Ferguson is arrogant and loud. He claims to be the first graduate of the MKW wrestling school even though Michael Su finished before him. He’s coming off of a loss to former champion Hong Wan in a match I really liked.
– before the match, Cam comes out with a book and says that he’s the new MVP in MKW based on his performance in his debut. Since no one is man enough to face him, he decides to read from The Ferguson Family Book of Winners, but he only gets through “America” and “Donald Trump” before the book mysteriously catches fire (clever effect). That cues Zombie Dragon.

So this wasn’t quite up there with Cam vs. Hong Wan on my enjoyability scale due to a couple slip ups early on and at the finish, but I definitely liked it better than Zombie Dragon’s match with Black Mamba. I thought that match didn’t do Dragon any favors in his first appearance because Mamba got too much offense. It probably helped this match that both guys had already debuted before, so they weren’t working uphill to create a first impression.

Cam got to use his size to his advantage and throw Dragon around. Dragon’s a pretty good bumper, so this worked for me. Cam used a lot of Japanese-inspired offense, like a chop and punch rush in the corner and a sliding D. Dragon got a couple little comebacks; one came with a funny spot where Cam caught a kick and handed the foot off to the referee, but Dragon did an enzuigiri, the ref ducked, and Cam got hit. There was a big lariat after that, but then Cam missed a leg drop, and Dragon went after him with a couple high-flying things. It didn’t last long before Cam hit a big slam.

Cam wasted time arguing with the ref and taunting Dragon, giving Dragon enough time to load up a fireball and toss it at Cam. This was enough to put Cam down for the count.

Poor Zombie Dragon can’t seem to catch a break with his finishes, though. In his first match, he spit green mist at Black Mamba, but it was obviously off target. And then in this match, his fireball lit up in his hands but quickly flashed out before he threw it, so it never looked like it got even close to Cam’s face. Cam sold it anyway, which was probably the best option. Otherwise, they would have had to set the spot up again (if possible) or call an audible and do another finish. And honestly, it looked more believable than that fireball Hogan threw at Warrior at Halloween Havoc ’98, so I can’t complain too much.

Hopefully the third time will be a charm for Dragon’s creepy finishers.

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