MKW: Uncle Money vs. Triple T (April 29, 2018)

Our Story So Far…
Tommy Tuamasi Tamati was doing pretty well in his MKW Championship match with Big Sam until Sam’s Stable-mates Ash Silva and Uncle Money showed up to spoil his night. Uncle Money speared Triple T on the floor while Ash distracted the referee, and this weakened him enough for Sam to hit him with the tombstone and retain the title.
– Triple T challenged Uncle Money to a relaxed rules match via a WeChat promo, and Uncle Money accepted in the same forum. Both promos were quite good, I thought, but they’re not posted anywhere I can share them from. Relaxed rules seems to mean a no DQ match where nothing really crazy is going to happen.

I thought this was decent. The execution was a little rough around the edges, perhaps due to the quality of the ring (particularly the saggy ropes), and it also felt a few minutes too long.

I liked Triple T’s intensity. He went hard after Uncle Money whenever he was on offense, just pounding on him and trying to flatten him into the ground. I could tell he had a grudge and was out for revenge. I also liked his full body tights. They slim him down a bit.

I also liked that Uncle Money approached things differently. He wasn’t emotional; he was just doing his job beating up a guy, just like he’d done when he attacked Triple T at the last show. It wasn’t personal to him, but he’s not about to step aside when someone calls him out. I liked how he spent most of his offensive periods focusing on the crowd, flexing and doing push-ups. Good dichotomy to both men’s goals. And I like his belly to belly suplex.

The main thing I didn’t like was the lack of variety. Triple T did at least one elbow drop too many. Uncle Money did a lot of stomps and steps onto Triple T’s midsection. They went back to the body slam too often. There was a heat segment about 12 minutes into the video that was nearly identical to the one that came before it. I really would have preferred that they cut that section and gotten to the finish faster.

That finish, by the way, featured Uncle Money running into the turnbuckles he had exposed, leading to Triple T pinning him after a top rope somersault senton. I was kind of surprised to see a member of The Stable lose already, but I could see an interesting angle or two coming from it.

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