Chinese Wrestling at the End of 2017

There hasn’t been much to write about in Chinese wrestling recently. Not a lot of matches have been put online, or at least on YouTube. A few things from We Love Wrestling have shown up on Chinese video sites, but those are hard to link to. Middle Kingdom Wrestling hasn’t had an MKW TV episode in 9 months, and their last YouTube video was posted three months ago. Their focus seems to have turned more domestic, which is smart. They just had a big show in Shenzhen, and they’re working towards a rematch of that show’s main event as part of a martial arts show coming up this week. I’ve heard nothing from Chinese Wrestling Entertainment since heaven knows when, and the China Wrestling Federation seems to be planning something for 2018, but they haven’t had anything on their WeChat account in a while except pictures of girls training.

Outside of the mainland, New Taiwan Wrestling livestreamed a show on Twitch a couple weeks ago that featured Buffa and Dylan James (James Raideen) from Pro Wrestling ZERO-1, a couple girls from Emi Sakura’s group, and a big title change in the main event. I was impressed by what I saw, and they had a good crowd. The Hong Kong Wrestling Federation hasn’t posted a YouTube video in six months, and I have no other way of following them.

And outside China, Singapore Pro Wrestling had a fun year, introducing a new championship, bringing in plenty of new faces, and even featuring Pete Dunne in a main event match that I will probably review sometime. Their matches aren’t posted very consistently, but most of them show up eventually, and they always put on a fun show with a raucous crowd. Wrestling seems alive and well in Singapore.

Not sure how much I’ll be reviewing in 2018. My goal is to share the stuff I like rather than review everything. I might go back and review some older SPW stuff if I feel like it. I really hope to go to another We Love Wrestling show or two sometime this year, too.