MWA: Iron Kid vs. Dylan James

Dylan James looks like a beast against Iron Kid. The former James Raideen has been in ZERO-1 in Japan for a while, but he seems to be traveling around the Chinese territories without actually working in the mainland. Indy luchador Iron Kid has to use his speed and agility to get any hope spots in this one. James does sell for him at points, especially when he gets kicked in the head. Kid pulls off some lovely flying counters and only makes one big botch (slipping off the rope on a springboard). James is just too powerful for him, throwing him around and slamming him hard. After a handful of counters by Kid, James has enough and chokeslams him to death for the pin.

I enjoyed this one. James is intense and seems to have that juiced-up charisma, and Iron Kid is spunky and shows a lot of underdog personality for a guy whose face is hidden. I want to go find some of his Lucha Memes matches now.

MWA: Ho Ho Lun vs. Astro

The Macau Wrestling Association is relatively new and features talent from China, Mexico, and some foreigners who used to work for ZERO-1 in Japan. I think they hold their matches in a hotel or casino.

This is a solid match that showcases both guys’ strengths in a basic format. Ho Ho Lun does a little bit of stalling after their first exchange, using it to take control. He never really comes across as a jerk or chicken-y heel, but he does fight from the top for most of the match. Astro (AKA Astro Rey Jr.) makes a comeback and does some Rey Mysterio tributes. Ho Ho Lun eventually wins with a German suplex. The referee stutters before the three, so apparently he didn’t realize this was supposed to be the finish.

Pretty basic stuff, good for an audience that isn’t well-versed in wrestling.