MKW: Belt and Road Tournament Round 2 (August 11, 2018)

Black Mamba 🇨🇳 vs. Baliyan Akki 🇮🇳 vs. Martin Pain 🇦🇹
Mamba defeated Hong Wan. Akki defeated Sandata. Pain defeated Vladimir Kulakov.

I like this match. Lots of good spots. Akki and pain team up on Mamba at first, and then Akki turns on Pain in the middle of an elaborate handshake. Mamba gets to pick his spots while the other two work with each other a lot. Akki does a big tope con giro. There’s some good stuff down the stretch, like when they’re trading off running into each other in the corner. There’s one major flub when Pain fails to catch Akki coming off the top, but he recovers well and lifts him into a military press. Mamba then kicks his leg out from under him so Akki falls on him. Mamba and Akki trade shots, and Mamba gets out of a Akki’s finisher attempt and hits a roll of the dice to get the pin and advance to the finals.
Winner – Black Mamba

Ash Silva 🇭🇰 (w/Chairman Al & Lady Marie) vs. Nuwakote Tiger 🇳🇵 vs. Shiho 🇰🇷
Ash defeated Killer Kublai. Tiger defeated Triple T. Shiho defeated Mirko Panic.

I thought this match was OK, but I didn’t like it as much as the previous one. It doesn’t have as good of a flow to it, and some of it is a lot rougher. Shiho actually seems to be the weak link, as he messes up a leapfrog early (or did Tiger not duck enough?), and later, he awkwardly dawdles in the ring while waiting for his opponents to get in the right position for him to dive onto on the outside. He hits the dive rather well, though. And there are some bright spots, like when Tiger is unimpressed with his chops and makes him try a few times before chopping back harder. Ash does the proper heel thing and lets Shiho and Tiger fight until he feels like jumping in to catch one of them off-guard. It boils down to Tiger hitting a big flying elbow on Shiho, but Shiho rolls away, and while Tiger is staggering over to pin him, Ash comes in with a one-knee codebreaker and gets the three count.
Winner – Ash Silva

MKW: Belt and Road Championship Tournament Round 1, Part 3 (August 10, 2018)

Triple T 🇳🇿 vs. Nuwakote Tiger 🇳🇵
Triple T is representing New Zealand. Tiger is representing Nepal.

Triple T rides a train in Sri Lanka and chants “Belt and Road” out the window. Tiger says he never loses and anyone who gets in his way will get hurt badly.

I didn’t enjoy watching this match because Triple T got legitimately injured early on when he missed a jumping knee in the corner. He looked to be in a lot of pain from then on, but he gutted it out and went several more minutes against Tiger. He even climbed up and went for the somersault senton, but he missed. Tiger did well for his part. He didn’t attack the leg after the injury, but I think maybe he knew he might make it worse. Most of his offense was pretty basic. His finishing run was a codebreaker, a body slam, and a flying elbow off the top for the pin. They did well for what they were unfortunately forced to work through.
Winner – Nuwakote Tiger

Hong Wan 🇨🇳 vs. Black Mamba 🇨🇳
Both men are representing China. This is a rematch from April (which was actually a rematch from one of the first MKW shows, come to think of it).

Black Mamba says something I can’t understand because his mic is too low. Hong Wan says he deserves all the championships.

I like this match. Hong Wan, normally a babyface, gives Mamba a thumbs down as he takes a selfie with him, a callback to their first match when Mamba was the one giving the thumb. He leans heelish the rest of the match, though he thinks better of using a chair at one point. Aside from one botch at the beginning, things go pretty smoothly. Hong works the leg briefly. Mamba dodges a frog splash and hits a flipping kick, but gets caught with a Samoan drop. He kicks out of Hong Wan’s standing moonsault, though, and then counters a reverse DDT into a roll of the dice for the win to advance.
Winner – Black Mamba

MKW: Hong Wan vs. Black Mamba (April 29, 2018)

Our Story So Far…
– Hong Wan is headed to Japan soon to face Big Sam for the MKW Championship at Pro Wrestling Alive. He’s coming off a win over Cam Ferguson.
– Black Mamba is more experienced than Hong Wan, but he only recently returned to MKW in a loss to Zombie Dragon.

Finally, a Chinese guy against a Chinese guy, and it’s good! I mean, I think so, anyway. It’s definitely my favorite Black Mamba performance. He has a rather nondescript look and an unexpressive face, but he’s becoming a solid hand in the ring. I’d like to see him up his submission game; maybe attack a specific body part more often and base his offense around a certain type of submission. He goes for a couple armbar-type holds here, and it leads to Hong Wan doing the Rampage Jackson slam to get out of one. The only real drawback I see in Mamba’s work is that some of it can be a little slow in execution.

Hong Wan gets to be the powerful one this time, and he makes the most of it with a lot of German suplexes. Mamba’s success happens after they go to the floor (both times). Though he’s not a brawler, he seems more vicious when he has to be.

I liked what they were going for with the ending. They trade suplexes, no-selling a couple to keep the chain going. The part I didn’t like was that Mamba just did the same suplex twice. I would’ve liked to see some variety there. But it’s a minor quibble, because they were obviously going hard. Mamba seems to have the advantage after the last suplex, but Hong Wan catches him with a Samoan drop and the standing moonsault for the win.

Afterwards, Hong Wan puts Mamba over, saying he was his toughest opponent and that he’ll give him a rematch anytime. He raises Mamba’s arm in respect as the crowd applauds.

MKW: Zombie Dragon vs. Black Mamba (March 17, 2018)

Time for a new format.

Our Story So Far…
– Black Mamba hasn’t been seen since the MKW Thailand show. According to commentary, he and Big Sam have gone their separate ways, so he has no connection to The Stable. Normally a heel, he’s wrestling in his hometown of Harbin today.
– According to commentary, Zombie Dragon used to wrestle in the U.S. as Curry Kid until he was “sacrificed” and resurrected as this new persona.
– This match is part of MKW’s “Wrestle Rescue: Year of the Dog” benefit show in its home base of Harbin, China.
Now on to the match!

I did not like this match. Zombie Dragon’s got the look, the music, and the weird, reptilian way of slithering around the ring. But when the bell rings, he runs right into a boot, then takes a headscissors and a dropkick. Right out of the gate, he looks like a putz. He sort of no-sells the dropkick and hits Mamba with a nice leaping side kick, but his aura is already shattered in my eyes.

From there, he proceeds with some pretty slow and boring offense. Then Mamba just fights back after taking a leg drop on the apron. Oddly, his offense is more interesting than Dragon’s, but he really shouldn’t be the one getting his stuff in when he’s up against a debuting character of this sort.

Dragon crawls under the ring and tries to attack Mamba with a hammer, but the ref takes it away. While he’s busy disposing of it, Dragon spits green mist (and totally misses, but Mamba still sells it) and hits a shining wizard for the pin.

Commentator Al Leung says it was an impressive debut performance from Dragon. I strongly disagree.