MKW: Flat Earth Foundation vs. Man Bros (December 16, 2017)

I think this is the debut of the Flat Earth Foundation as a team. Hell Shark is Xia Xingjia from CWE and the CWF, and Coldray used to be a referee for the CWF. They’re managed by the subtly named Khan Spirasi. He talks a little before introducing the team, and then Coldray cuts a lengthy promo in Chinese about how the fans are foolish for believing the world is round.

The Man Bros – Jeff and Kevin Man –  (not to be confused with the Bromans from TNA) are long-time HKWF wrestlers, and they’re the current AWGC Tag Team Champions. The titles aren’t on the line, though.

Aside from a little sloppiness here and there, this is a pretty standard tag match that gets its point across. After a sneak attack by the FEF and a comeback by the Man Bros, they settle into regular tag format. The Mans are obviously the more experienced team, as evidenced by the smoothness of their tandem move combinations. Hell Shark appears to be the workhorse of the FEF; he at least has the more interesting move set. Coldray, though, has a swagger about him that gives the team more character. The cameramen don’t put much focus on Khan Spirasi on the floor, but he can be heard shouting “F-E-F!” a few times.

Kevin Man is the babyface in peril here, and he does take a beating, especially from Hell Shark. Hell Shark may want to work on protecting his opponent better during some of his moves. His fisherman buster, German suplex, and 450 splash seem rather carelessly executed. Jeff Man looks good when he runs wild after the hot tag, but man, he and his brother could really stand to get some ring gear that makes them look like wrestlers instead of club hoppers.

After the Man Bros hit double dragon – a fireman’s carry tossed into a superkick – Khan Spirasi distracts the referee and Kevin goes after Coldray on the floor. Hell Shark lowblows Kevin and eventually squashes him with a 450 for the (upset?) victory. Al Leung on commentary speculates that this might earn then a future title shot.

Again, standard tag stuff with some kinks that could stand some tweaking. Hopefully the FEF will get lots of opportunities to develop.


China Wrestling Federation 9/11/16 Review


The CWF returns to crown a champion the day after WWE ran Shanghai. Unfortunately, they were forced to move from their intended venue in Shanghai to their training center in Jiaxing. No MKW or CWE wrestlers this time, but we do have talent from New Taiwan Wrestling as well as a joshi match between Emi Sakura and pop singer/wrestler Ai Shimizu.

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